Répondre à : Un Granola et votre PC consommera moins !


Hello Hervé! I’ve become a frequent visitor to your site, especially since the competition, and abavala has earned a spot in my most visited tabs. Today, I’m writing on this forum for the first time to share my discovery of a small yet impactful software called “Granola,” designed to save electricity. Granola operates by adjusting the processor voltage based on system resource consumption, effectively reducing power consumption during tasks like emailing or watching YouTube videos. The potential for significant power savings is noteworthy, especially if widely adopted. I suggest considering an article on this software for your blog, perhaps even conducting tests (using an appropriate socket) to measure energy consumption with and without the software, if time permits. Personally, I’ve written an article on the software, available https://directmacro.com/dell-03wn11.html. I hope this software captures your interest and proves valuable to your readers! Have a fantastic day! – Encrypt