Communiqué de presse: Koubachi presents the Smart Garden of the Future

6th September 2013
Press Release
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Koubachi presents the Smart Garden of the Future

Berlin. Being one of the first companies in the Internet of Things space with the launch of Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor in March 2012, Koubachi now defines the future of
gardening, showing their plan for the Smart Garden of the Future.

Koubachi keeps revolutionizing the world of plant care! Their first product, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Indoor was able to give a voice to thousands of plants worldwide. Thanks to the Koubachi iPhone, Android, and web app, users for the first time get all important information about their plant’s vitality and needs, whenever and wherever they are. Only seven months later, Koubachi set out to conquer balconies and gardens as well. With the Outdoor version of the WiFi Plant Sensor being fully rain proof and giving a green thumb to struggling hobby gardeners. Now, just one year after, Koubachi reveals new products, like the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro, developed for growers and professional gardeners, or the new Koubachi Android App.

But there’s more! Exclusively at IFA 2013, Koubachi gives a sneak peak of the Smart Garden of the Future! For the first time sharing their vision and showing of concepts in development at the skunkworks of Koubachi. The Swiss company demonstrates how devices in the garden will be wirelessly connected to Koubachi’s Plant Care Engine that, based on scientifically developed algorithms, knows exactly what your plants need. In combination with weather data and your location, Koubachi will be able to take perfect care of your garden, automatically.

“Beside the botanical knowledge that certainly is a big obstacle for some gardeners, the main issue is the great waste of irrigation water worldwide every year.” explains Philipp Bolliger, CEO of Koubachi, adding “For this reason Koubachi is developing the Smart Garden, not only making gardening a more fun and interactive experience, but also saving time, water and money”.

Studies show that as much as 50 % of the water we use for outdoor irrigation is wasted. Thanks to the great comprehensive information of plant species and plant requirements contained in the unrivaled Koubachi Plant Care Engine and the integration of weather services, Koubachi is able to build intelligent devices, such as a smart irrigation controllers. The Koubachi Smart Controller for example will automatically calculate the right time to water your plant.

By analyzing historical data from Koubachi Plant Sensors, the Koubachi Smart Controller will exactly know the right time to water your plants and it will stop when enough water has been given, thus preventing overwatering. And by considering the weather forecast, it is even capable of not activating when it knows it is going to rain in one hour. Not only will your plants do much better, but you will also save a lot of water.

Koubachi is also working on their Smart Sprinkler. Knowing it’s position in the garden it will automatically setup the watering area, making only your plants and lawn are being watered and not the neighbors pathway. Another amazing feature; the Smart Sprinkler knows the needs of the plants it is watering and can automatically stop when enough water has been given. Just just sit back, relax, and wait for the Smart Sprinkler to send you a notification when it’s done watering.

These products are not yet available. But giving a hint into the future Philipp Bolliger says “The team is working very hard to get these exciting new products ready for later next year.”. You can learn more about the future of smart gardening on Koubachi’s website at

About Koubachi

Koubachi AG is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and was founded in 2009. Koubachi is the
innovator and market leader of smart plant care solutions, pioneering the market of plant sensors. Since releasing their first product in 2010, Koubachi has been a world-wide success with over a hundred thousand users and tens of thousands of sensors sold. Koubachi’s mission for the future is to identify the potential of smart plant care and garden solutions to create a simpler yet more powerful user experience. With Koubachi, the smart garden is just around the corner!

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