Communiqué de presse: Koubachi announces Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro

6th September 2013
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Koubachi announces Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro 

Berlin. Once again, Koubachi presents a series of revolutionary novelties at this year’s IFA. Besides giving the public a preview of the Smart Garden (see second press release) of the Future Koubachi announces a Pro version of their well-known Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.
Moreover, Koubachi is now available not only for web and iOS, but for Android as well.
And since today, the Android app is available in German.
Koubachi keeps pushing out innovation after innovation! Only ten months after launching the “Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor”, Koubachi presents a sensor specifically tailored to the requirements of pro users. Like the Indoor and Outdoor sensors it measures light intensity, ambient temperature and soil moisture. In addition, the “Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro” also measures soil temperature and air humidity, once again setting the definitive standard for plant sensors.

“We have many requests from professional gardeners, growers and hobbyists who want to use our superior soil moisture sensors for their work.” explains Philipp Bolliger, CEO of Koubachi and adds: “For this reason we developed this pro product, based on their requests and feedbacks”.

The Pro sensor comes with a Web App specifically for the requirements of professional users ( It allows to list all sensors, view and download the raw data, adjust the measuring and transmission intervals and much more.

Pro users can of course still use the Koubachi App and take advantage of the Plant Care Engine (PCE) and the tailored plant specific care advices sent by Koubachi, telling you not only when but also how to care for your plant, based on scientifically developed algorithms.

But what is it, that makes the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor so special? Well, first Koubachi is the only plant sensor on the market with a Wi-Fi connection. Only Koubachi can send all relevant plant specific care information and data to the customer (per push notification or mail) at all times, not matter where you are.

Moreover, Koubachi is the only product using a patented soil moisture sensor technology that works like a tensiometer. This technique simulates the plants’ roots, measuring the amount of water that is actually available to the plant, and that’s what matters to the plant. This method works in various substrates, ranging from normal soil mixtures, to sand, peat, clay granulates, and even to orchid substrates. And unlike other sensors, the soil moisture sensor of Koubachi is not afected by the salinity of the soil, which for example increases when fertilizer is added.

Not only scientific experiments carried out at ETH Zurich proof the great quality of the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, but also customers from all around the globe are convinced of the product: “Wow! I never thought, that such a small device could help me so much! Unfortunately I do not have a green thumb … but I have a Koubachi now!” states Lorena on Koubachi Facebook’s wall, adding “It has saved already 3 plants .. and my orchids look fabulous!! I can only recommend Koubachi”.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro will be available later this year. For more information visit the website or sign-up to the pro newsletter at

And that’s not all. Koubachi kept further developing the consumer business as well, releasing a new native App (beta) for Android in English and German in time for the IFA 2013. Together with the popular iOS App and the Web App, Koubachi is now able to ofer its service on all most important devices. And as always with Koubachi, you can get started by just downloading the app for free.

About Koubachi
Koubachi AG is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and was founded in 2009. Koubachi is the
innovator and market leader of smart plant care solutions, pioneering the market of plant sensors. Since releasing their first product in 2010, Koubachi has been a world-wide success with over a hundred thousand users and tens of thousands of sensors sold. Koubachi’s mission for the future is to identify the potential of smart plant care and garden solutions to create a simpler yet more powerful user experience. With Koubachi, the smart garden is just around the corner!

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